Call for mermbership

Dear Neurotrauma Colleagues:

On behalf of the Chinese Neurotrauma Scholar Association (CNSA), it is our great pleasure to invite you to join us as a member of this community.

The CNSA was pioneered by a few prominent Chinese neurotrauma scholars in North America in 2010, with the mission of promoting communication, collaboration, resource sharing, networking, and research development among Chinese scholars nationally and internationally in the field of neurotrauma research. Since then, the CNSA has successfully organized annual symposia as satellite meetings to the annual symposium of the National Neurotrauma Society (NNS). In the upcoming annual symposium NeuroTrauma 2019 in Pittsburgh, PA between June 29 and July 3, 2019, the CNSA satellite meeting will be held as a special session entitled “Chinese Neurotrauma Scholar Association (CNSA) Symposium: Emerging technologies in examining neurocircuitry dysfunctions following neurotrauma,” signifying the growing collaboration between NNS and CNSA.

From its origin in 2010, the CNSA has grown continuously. One of our goals for the next two years is to attract more colleagues and friends in the neurotrauma field to join CNSA, and to expand our society to include Chinese neurotrauma scholars not only from North America but also from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other regions of Asia, Pacific and Europe. We believe that a diverse and expanded membership body will bring in more expertise and facilitate collaboration among our members worldwide.

To foster the growth of our Society, we will adopt a new membership system effective immediately. The CNSA membership will require an annual membership fee with the following categories:

Faculty/Principle Scientist: $100 per year;

Postdoctoral Fellow/Research Assistant/Resident: $25 per year;

Graduate Student: $15 per year.

The benefits of CNSA membership include: 1) free participation in the annual CNSA symposium, 2) free annual society networking dinner and mentoring opportunities for career development, 3) high priority to publish in our society-designated journal Neural Regeneration Research (NRR), and 4) discounted registration fee for attending the International Neural Regeneration Symposium (INRS). The membership is payable through the PayPal system at the Membership Fee

We encourage neurotrauma researchers from all corners of the globe, regardless of ethnicity or country of origin, to join CNSA and/or to participate in its annual symposium.


The Officers and Council Members of CNSA